Check out these warning signs about your health

Check out these warning signs about your health

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When something is wrong with our health, the body has a way of giving hints about the condition. Unfortunately, most of the time we ignore the warning signs, or we even don’t understand them. By learning how to check and monitor these warning signs, it is possible to avoid a lot of diseases and illnesses even before they occur. Once you notice any of these signs, it is usually advisable to visit the doctor for more checkup. The doctor will be able to identify the source, and the treatment will start early enough.

Warning signs of the condition of your health

You don’t sleep well

If you don’t sleep well, then there is an underlying problem. Insomnia is always a sign that something is wrong with you. The cause of lack of sleep is usually stress because the body is in fight mode. As the body tries to fight stress, the cortisol hormone levels increase, and as a result, you cannot get sleep no matter how hard you try. If you stay many days without sleep, you are likely to become sick because the cells do not get time to rejuvenate.

You are always tired

Extreme fatigue is always a sign that something is wrong with your body. Under normal circumstances, you are supposed to wake up feeling good after hours of sleep. If even after getting a restful sleep at night you wake up still feeling tired, then there are chances that you are sick. Your body might feel completely fatigued from trying to fight toxins and infections from your body. The earlier you identify what is causing the fatigue, the better it is for you.

Yellow urine and problems with bowel movement

You can determine the condition of your health just by visiting the toilet. Yellow and dark urine is usually a sign that your body is dehydrated and you need to increase the intake of fluids. Problems with bowel movement is usually a sign of constipation, and this means that you need to increase the fiber intake in your diet.


Skin problems

Skin problems are also a sign of poor health. When you are in good health, your skin is supposed to be smooth and clear. Acne and darkening of the skin is usually a sign of allergy, hormonal imbalance and other problems with your skin. You need to check with your doctor to identify the cause of your skin problems.

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