What You Need to Know About Mastitis Infection

What You Need to Know About Mastitis Infection

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Mastitis is an infection that affects women’s breast tissues and causes a swelling, redness, warmth and severe fever. This infection occurs mostly when the woman is breastfeeding within the first 6 to 12 weeks after giving birth. This condition makes it difficult for the patients to care for their babies since the pain on the affected breast is severe.

The sore spot can develop inside the breasts due to bacteria that enter through a break in the breast. Mothers who develop mastitis infection can at times wean their infants.

Symptoms of Mastitis

swollen breastThe signs and symptoms of mastitis develop rapidly. The breast of the mother starts to swell in the first 6 to 12 months becoming red around the affected area. There is also much pain and heat when the mother is trying to breastfeed the infant. Women with mastitis are also prone to having bad flu.

Even though mastitis happens in almost three months after birth, it can erupt even after the nursing period for a longer time. In general, the symptoms are more severe and can make the mother feel fatigue all the time during the infection.

What is the Cause of Mastitis?

Mastitis infection is usually caused when there is a buildup of milk within the breast, which results in damages on the nipple or bacterial infection. Significant cases of mastitis are thought to be caused by the milk stasis. Instances that can cause mastitis infection include when a baby is not correctly attached to the breast nipple when breastfeeding.

In this case, not enough milk will be removed from the breast, and this will result in milk build up and damage on the nipple. On the other hand, when a baby is having a problem sucking milk, it may increase the chances of the mother developing mastitis infection. Other cases include when you there is pressure on the breast, infrequent or missed feeds and when the baby is favoring one breast for breastfeeding.

Treatment of Mastitis

If a mother wants to treat the mastitis infection, she must ensure that the first line is self-help remedies such as ensuring that the baby is feeding properly and drain more milk from both breasts.

The woman can also visit a doctor for antibiotics to treat the mastitis infection and other techniques to treat the blocked breasts if that is the cause of the infection. However, the antibiotics are only recommended when the baby is not feeding, but if the baby is feeding, the woman should try non-medical remedies.

Prevention of Mastitis

breast feeding motherMothers have to find a strategy to prevent themselves from infection of mastitis. To protect the breasts, the mother should have enough rest. Mothers should give their body enough downtime it deserves to maximize time for fighting infections.

Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and increase circulation while the milk is flowing from the breasts. Lastly, mothers need to eat a healthy meal to boost their immune system; they should take more vitamin C that helps the body to fight against mastitis infection.

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